Photo Guide

It really does make a difference to my work if you are able to provide me with high resolution reference photos, as it allows me to draw the necessary detail required for each portrait.  Don’t panic though, there’s no need to book a professional photographer just yet! I have listed some ‘top tips’, as well as good photo examples, that will help you achieve the best possible photographs and assist me in producing a portrait with detail.

Top Tips

  • First step, check your social media accounts as a reminder, there's a chance you already have a great photo that you posted and forgot about!
  • Take high resolution photos, a digital SLR camera would be ideal or many smart phones are able to take good quality photos too.
  • Take the photo outside using good natural light, but not in strong sunlight, as both artificial light and strong sunlight affect fur colour and cause strong shadows.
  • Take the photo at eye level (get your subject to look away slightly if possible)... I find getting them to sit and having a treat in your hand works very well! If you prefer them to look away quite a bit, then this is fine too.
  • Don’t zoom in at all, as this will affect the quality of the photo and I will be unable to see fur and hair detail. It is far better to move closer to the subject.
  • Feel free to email me as many photos as you like if you are unsure. I’ll happily narrow them down and email you a few back to enable you to make the final decision.

Here are some examples of good, detailed photos, they were all taken by me using an iphone 7.  They were taken in good natural light, without zooming in and at eye level... and treats were definitely involved with the dogs, the cat was down to patience!